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Secondary Education (10TH CLASS)

Secondary Education (10TH CLASS)

This Course is Equivalent to Xth Std. The Examinations are conducted in accordance with the syllabus prescribed by the board. After passing the examination a certificate is awarded by the board.

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Why Choose?

Why Choose BHARATH Institute of Schooling Education for Secondary Education?

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Holistic Development:

BHARATH Institute of Schooling Education offers a holistic approach to education, providing opportunities for students to develop their academic, social, emotional, and physical skills.

Personalized Learning

BHARATH Institute of Schooling Education recognizes that every student is unique and provides personalized learning to meet the diverse learning needs of students.

Innovative Teaching Methods

BHARATH Institute of Schooling Education uses innovative teaching methods and technologies to make learning engaging, interactive, and enjoyable.

Co-curricular Activities

BHARATH Institute of Schooling Education encourages students to participate in co-curricular activities like sports, music, art, and drama to develop their interests and skills beyond academics.

Affordable Education

The institute offers quality education at an affordable cost, making it accessible to students from all walks of life.

Strong Foundation

The institute’s Secondary Education Programs provide a strong foundation for students to pursue higher education and succeed in their future careers.

Experienced Faculty

The institute has a team of experienced and qualified teachers who are dedicated to providing quality education and nurturing the talents of students.

Career Guidance

The institute provides career guidance and counseling to help students make informed decisions about their future academic and career paths.

Community Service

The institute promotes community service and social responsibility among students by organizing various community service projects.

Safe and Supportive Environment

BHARATH Institute of Schooling Education provides a safe and supportive learning environment for students to learn and grow.

Our Secondary Education Programs:

BHARATH Institute of Schooling Education offers Secondary Education Programs for students in the 10th class. The programs are designed to provide a strong foundation in academics and prepare students for higher education and future careers. The institute offers a wide range of subjects and provides personalized learning to meet the diverse learning needs of students.

Admission Process

To seek admission to BISE, candidates must fulfill all the admission requirements and follow the steps below:

1. Complete a duly filled Admission Form provided by BISE, which is made available by the respective school.
2. Attach all original documents along with their photocopies attested by a Gazetted Officer/Class I officer/notarized/Principal/Head Master of College/School/All Authorised Signatory Authorities mentioned in the Admission Form and produce it before the respective school/Affiliated Centres for scrutinizing/Verification. The school/Affiliated Centres shall return to the candidate the originals of the documents after verifying and scrutinizing them. The school shall retain the attested photocopies of all the documents to provide them to BISE for the Admission Procedure.
3. Submit the Admission Form along with the requisite fees and documents to the school before the last date for admission.
4. After acquiring and scrutinizing all the requisites, BISE recommends the candidate for admission if he/she is eligible for the same.
5. A candidate may check the admission status on the website: Click Here

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Secondary Course, a candidate must be at least 15 years old as of 31st January of the current year (for details, refer to the prospectus).
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List of Documents Required at the Time of Admission

Note: All documents should be attested by a Local Gazetted Officer.
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