Bharath Institute of Schooling Education

Approved and Recognized by Govt. of Karnataka




In the best interest of any society and its development, it is imperative that women should be an active part of development. A common denominator for development is the extent to which women in the society are educated. An educated woman eventually infuses the culture of good education in the entire family and eventually the society and nation. Further to our quest for developing the society and world at large, we promote ‘Education for the Girl Child.’ A lot of young girls are not able to complete their formal schooling because they don’t get the right opportunity and encouragement. It is common to observe girls who haven’t continued their education after Grade 8 or Grade 10. As a part of our commitment to the society, we offer multiple scholarships for such girls, who have shown a genuine interest in school education and who have performed well in school but haven’t been able to complete their schooling. We believe it is our humble contribution to the society and the nation and world at large. Parents of such girls and even the girls themselves can write to us with their intent of continuing their schooling, and provide us a detailed document and application covering their previous academic performances. We will evaluate their candidature and eligibility for scholarships and grants and do our best to help them continue their schooling.
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