Bharath Institute of Schooling Education

Approved and Recognized by Govt. of Karnataka



Bharath Institute of Schooling Education (BISE) is taking steps towards the universalization of higher education through non-forma education system. This approach can indeed address the needs of students who are interested in higher education but face challenges in joining colleges and universities due to limited resources and time constraints. Here are some key benefits and considerations of this approach:

To Democratize & Universalize Higher Education by providing it to the students at their doorstep in remote place of India.

To provide higher education to one and all, irrespective of age/sex/caste/territory.

To provide job oriented and professional education having highest job potential in various Government and non Government institutions and organizations.

To promote and popularized education under informal education system on pattern of Board, open school and universities of other countries.

The option to select more and more vocational subjects and imbibe more education at least possible cost.

To introduce vocational based study i.e. in support of Gromodaya theme.

To educate for Development. Of local craft and as per with International level.

To revolutionaries for modification in traditional education system.

To improve access to quality education and expert knowledge.

To achieve more and more literacy and active learning.

To generate new knowledge and innovative education system.

To promote problem solving education system.

Promotion of education Primary, secondary etc.

To organize and hold lectures, discussions, debates and functions which may afford opportunities for contacts among the members and the people.

To take necessary steps, toward publication of brochures, articles and hold public meeting etc. for the purpose of promoting the activities of the Board.

Do all such other things as may be required for attainment of the objects as specified above.


BISE ‘s Non-formal education programs are designed to be more flexible and accessible, making higher education available to a wider range of students, including those who may have work or family commitments.


This approach can cater to a diverse group of learners, including those from marginalized and backward communities, promoting inclusivity in higher education.


By offering education at nominal fees, BISE can make it more affordable for economically disadvantaged individuals, helping bridge the gap in educational opportunities.

Lifelong Learning

Continuing education encourages lifelong learning, allowing individuals to acquire new skills and knowledge throughout their lives, which is crucial in today’s rapidly changing world.

Overall, BISE’s initiative to provide non-formal education for higher education is a positive step towards increasing educational opportunities and promoting social inclusion. With careful planning and a commitment to quality, it has the potential to make a significant impact on the lives of many aspiring learners.

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